Monday, March 29, 2010

Ranger Retirement

This was for a Ranger's retirement party. Chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream covered in marshmellow fondant. Top layer is hand-carved. Fondant accents and camo is hand-painted.
Feeds 30+


Sweet little hat cupcakes. Hats are fondant and all edible on top of chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream. (Special thanks to my sweet friend Melanie for help with the hats! :)

Drum It!

This was for a drummer who was turning 14. One layer of chocolate and one of yellow in a 10 inch cake covered in marshmellow fondant with fondant accents.
Feeds 20+

Monogram Polka Dots

This was made for a bridal shower with the couples' monogram on top. Inverted 10 inch round chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream covered in marshmellow fondant and fondant accents.
Feeds 20+


This was for my sweet baby boy's birthday. It is a 10 and 7 inch dairy free chocolate cake with cookies and cream (actually no cream in this! haha!) icing, covered in marshmellow fondant. Feeds 35+


This was for a Relay for Life auction for the Sheriff's office my mom works for. Each tier was a layer of yellow and chocolate with vanilla buttercream and covered in marshmellow fondant. 8 inch rounded square cake with 6 inch round. Hat was carved cake as well. All edible.
Feeds 25+


Sweet little cake. 8 and 6 inch tiers. Yellow cake with Vanilla Buttercream. Ribbon and dragonfly accent.
Feeds 20+

Homespun Sweetness

Fluffy sweetness of buttercream on two tiers of strawberry cake filled with strawberry puree. 8 and 6 inch cake with live flowers. Feeds 20+