Sunday, February 6, 2011

Homespun Wedding

Ruffled Buttercream with fresh flowers
8" and 6" Feeds 35+

Homespun Buttercream with fresh flowers
12", 10" and 8" Feeds 135+

Rippled Buttercream with fresh flowers
3 layer 8" Feeds 25+

New cards made with my Silhouette craft machine!

Cabbage Patch

(This is the "cabbage patch" at Babyland General Hospital where the baby dolls are born.)
This cake was for a birthday party at Babyland General. All fondant accents. Baby's head is cake, carved and covered in fondant and hand painted.
Feeds 25+

Winter ONE-derland

This was for another first birthday. Large cupcake with buttercream and fondant accents and cupcakes with sugar sprinkles and glittered fondant snowflakes.
30 cupcakes
Cake feeds 15+

Sporty First Birthday

This is another first birthday cake. Cake is covered in fondant and fondant accents. Smash cake is in buttercream with fondant letters.
Cake feeds 35+

Wild baby shower

This cake was for my brother's fiance's baby shower for my sweet little niece. It is covered in fondant and hand made accents.
Feeds 35+

First Butterfly Birthday

This sweet little set was made to match the invitation to a first birthday.
Large cake is covered in fondant, small smash cake is in buttercream with fondant accents, and then there are matching "S" sugar cookies for favors.
Cake feeds 25+

Snowflake Wedding Cake

This cake was in buttercream with glittery fondant snowflakes with silver dragees.
Feeds 75+

Wedding Squared

(My sweet sister helping me with delivery and set up! Love ya Case!)

This wedding cake was fondant, with black ribbon, and yellow gumpaste rose petals.
It was white vanilla bean cake with buttercream and some layers had strawberry preserves as filling. Grooms cake was a snare drum, all fondant accents. It was Bailey's Chocolate Cream cake.
Wedding cake feeds 135
Grooms cake feeds 35


Batman cake with all fondant accents.
Feeds 35+

And Again...

This is for sure the most popular cake I've done. This makes number 3! Go Dawgs!!!
Feeds 25+

Double Love

These cakes were for a baby shower for 2 sister's that were expecting around the same time. All fondant accents.
Each cake feeds 15+

Chuck E Cheese

This cake was for my Ashlyn's 4th birthday party at ChuckECheese! She loved her cake and I think it is one of my favorites!
All fondant accents, hand-made Chuck E.
Feeds 35+

Baby Forest Friends

This sweet little cake was for a baby shower and matched the bedding.
All fondant accents.
Feeds 25+


These sweet little cupcakes were for a birthday photo shoot.
Fondant lady bugs.

Take me out...

Baseball cake for a 10th birthday! He was a chocolate lover so its chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream. Grass is regular buttercream and ball is cake covered in fondant and plate is fondant.
Feeds 25+

Longhorn Groom

This was a groom's cake for a rehersal Athens! As you can imagine, I had my husband pull as close to the door as possible and I darted inside with the cake as quickly as possible...with a large cake in hand.
Feeds 75+

Calla Lilly Boquet

This was made for my mom on her birthday. All fondant lillies and stems! And alot! Haha!
Feeds 15+

Baby Love

This was for a sweet friend of mine. We gave her a little mini suprise shower for #3.
All fondant accents.
Feeds 15+

Army Tank

This was for a party at AirSoft.
Feeds 15+

Sassy Sweet 16

Sassy little cake with pink zebra, black bow, and "16". Wire and jewel accents.

Feeds around 25.